Our philosophy is based on the search for the authentic, offering a unique experience and connecting us with forgotten sensations that allow us to rediscover the grandeur of nature.


  • Adventure: KAI expeditions take place in emblematic environments of extraordinary beauty, where human activity and the natural environment embrace, leaving room for spontaneity and excitement.
  • Commitment: KAI Expeditions have a strong commitment to the conservation of life in the oceans. Travelling with KAI Expeditions is being part of that commitment, actively helping improve the health of marine ecosystems.
  • Scientific rigor: Each expedition has well defined scientific objectives and each campaign provides results that will be applied to management and conservation.
  • Experience: KAI’s team is comprised of highly qualified people committed to their work, with years of experience involving people from all over the world in active conservation science. The enthusiasm and the spirit of achievement transcends every detail of the expeditions.
  • Personal contact: not everyone is ready to enjoy an expedition of KAI. Joining the crew requires a willingness to work together and to live together in an environment of intense teamwork, with an open mind and a desire to try new experiences. KAI makes a careful selection of its expedition members and strives to provide an experience that can respond to the different expectations of all members of the crew.
  • Quality: many travel agents can offer a great meal in a magical setting. In KAI expeditions offer not only that magic meal, but also the hunger and thirst that are going to make it unforgettable. With KAI you can escape from a world of haste and cement to observe and enjoy life from a different angle, focusing on the simplicity and beauty of nature and the people of the towns we visit on our journey.
  • Safety: the safety of the crew is a key factor that is constantly present in KAI Expeditions, from the initial planning phase to the completion of the trip.

Kai Marine Services