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The Southeastern Mediterranean basin is a migratory corridor of great relevance for the conservation of the populations segments of loggerhead turtles of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This region offers important feeding habitats for the species, but also concentrates an important risk of ineraction with fisheries, maritime traffic and pollution through marine debris.

The Oasis Program for the Conservation of Marine Biodiversity of Western Mediterranean aims to increase the survivorship of east coast US nesting loggerhead turtles where they are known to be most vulnerable, with their interactions with European Union fishing vessels, and more specifically the Spanish longlining fleet. The program is financed by the US Fish and Wild Life Service and engages a wide array of stakeholders, including public administrations such as US NOAA and Fundación Biodiversidad of the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain, NGOs and research centers such as AlnitakSOCIBHydra and Mission Blue and private companies such as KAI Marine Services and SIMRAD