Guardianes del Mediterráneo - Menorca 2015

Embárcate en una aventura que servirá para mejorar el estado de conservación de las tortugas marinas en el Mediterráneo. A bordo de un barco centenario, el velero Toftevaag, descubrirás las preciosas aguas y fondeaderos de las Islas Baleares. Junto con ALNITAK y OCEANCARE participa en este programa de investigación y conservación de la Biodiversidad marina.  Expedición en habla inglesa

Tracking large pelagics around Menorca’s Natura 2000 sites

In summer 2015 a team of scientists of KAI and Alnitak in cooperation with OceanCare will be studying the movements, habitat use and ecology of great pelagics such as cetaceans, sea turtles and tuna in the waters surrounding Menorca with the goal of improving their conservation status. You too can join them to experience the majesty and excitement of these wonderful creatures, the wind and waves of the Mediterranean, the beauty of the island of Menorca, and new friends!


An ambitious research campaign

The Island of Menorca is one of the moist unspoiled Mediterranean Islands, still conserving extremely valuable natural and cultural treasures as well as a unique Mediterranean essence. Different oceanographic characteristics make the waters of Menorca an extraordinary “miniature lab” for the study of the open ocean ecosystem. In 2015 a team of scientists of KAI and Alnitak in cooperation with OceanCare will be studying the movement, spatial distribution and ecology of great pelagics.

If you have a passion for adventure and enjoy experiencing authentic sensations, you can also join this unique crew, participating as a volunteer in any of 6 days long research expeditions. You will learn observation and tracking techniques for cetaceans and turtles, as well as basic navigation skills. The sound of the wind and the waves, and the enriching discovery of surprising travel mates will make you feel on board of one million stars hotel.
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