Team building and corporate expeditions

KAI Expeditions are an excellent tool for professional and personal growth, offering a team-building platform to bring out the best of each member of your Team. 

A unique team-building experience

Our marine expeditions are not the common adventure tourism product. Each expedition is a unique exploration trip from its planning stage to its development. Furthermore, the approach of KAI Expeditions, contacting personally with each participant is essential also in the planning stage, ensuring that all team members, both KAI Marine Expeditions organizers and our guests, have their input.

This is critical for the success of our marine expeditions, both with regards to attaining the established goals as for ensuring an optimal team spirit and fulfillment of each member's expectations. Custom made marine expeditions are yet another option that we propose at KAI for people or institutions (private corporations, universities, etc.) with special requirements at the development of personal relations. KAI Marine Expeditions constitute an amazing tool in the field of team development, and as such can offer an interesting service by taking people out of their everyday lives into extreme situations where team spirit and positive dynamics is crucial.

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