Malta LIFE+ Migrate 2013 & 2014

During the summer periods of 2013 to 2014, KAI's team of scientists  have been studying the distribution, abundance and habitat of dolphin and marine turtle populations in the waters surrounding Malta with the goal of improving their conservation status.

An ambitious research campaign through the seas of Malta

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The LIFE+ MIGRATE shipboard surveys were conducted on board the 12-metre catamaran Aurora Boreal during the months of August, September and October 2013 and July, August and September of 2014. A total 6.000 hours on effort, covering over 5.500 nautical miles of acoustic and visual line transect throughout the Maltese Fishing Management Zone. A core team of 4 researchers was complemented by experts, students, volunteers and special guests from institutions in the field of sustainable management and biodiversity conservation.


Expedición KAI Malta 2013

KAI Expeditions Malta 2014

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