KAI Expeditions: Discovery through exploration.

The more we study the oceans, the more we realize how little we know, and the more our minds are fascinated with the idea of how many natural and cultural mysteries and treasures remain to be discovered.

KAI Expeditions are genuine research programs with set goals for the conservation of natural and cultural marine resources. Covering a range of topics including adventure eco tourism, student courses, international cooperation, scientific marine expeditions, classic ship restoration and navigation, marine heritage rediscovery, history and folklore Marine Expeditions, etc.

We offer a new style of exploration and adventure in its purest sense. Modern technologies can offer us new tools and a new vision for discovering the natural and cultural treasures hiding under the waves. But satellites, GPS, computers and other instruments have also led us to lose our capabilities of observing and feeling the ocean, the stars, the tide, the wind and the waves. KAI Expeditions combines both approaches of exploration, offering an adventurous and exhilarating new way to study our oceans by offering exciting journeys to some of the planet's most pristine marine environments. In our voyages, you will explore diverse natural and cultural wonders as well as assist in increasing our knowledge of marine and coastal ecosystems.

KAI's main working platforms are fabulous sailing vessels and catamarans that offer us a very close connection to the waves and the wind.

Check our Marine Expedtions or contact us for more information and get ready for an adventure you will never forget.