Nepal is a historically and culturally rich country. With time passing and the development of human civilization, people have engaged in celebrating numerous festivals, pujas, and believed in different gods and goddesses. Being a secular country, Nepal has different cultures and heritages to showcase the outside world. 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Nepal and are well preserved among countless other sites. People belonging to different cultures and traditions are living in Nepal maintaining peace and harmony. 

Ganga Jamuna Adventure Treks has catered tours and treks to give you glimpses of some of the countless cultures and heritages of Nepal. From the Himalayas to the Plains, from the Tea Garden East to the Beautiful Far - West, there are different cultures and traditions being followed, with their own heritage sites. If you would like to get some knowledge of the culturally and historically rich country of Nepal, Ganga Jamuna Treks has you covered.