Trip Details

  • Destination: Nepal

About Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek is one-of-a-kind chance to be among the individuals who have treaded on the remote trails of western Nepal. The 10-day trek starts with visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu took after by a flight to Nepalgunj and after that to Jumla. From Jumla, you will set forward on a trip that guarantees more prominent isolation and an opportunity to be within the sight of the incredible Rara Lake. It is the most astounding lake in Nepal and gladly tended to by the Nepalese as the 'Queen of Lakes'. Amid your trek, you will likewise be entering the Rara National Park which is thought to be one of the finest stops on the planet and is a perfect environment for musk deer, Himalayan mountain bear, panther, Himalayan goral, and other outlandish creatures. On your voyage, you won't just be within the sight of snowcapped mountains, timberlands, and captivating lakes yet will likewise get the opportunity to witness the natural existence of local people who call this remote land their home.

Chuchemara Dauda at the height of 4087meters is the best vantage that indicates to get the brilliant views of the dark blue clear lake and exceedingly forested slope and in addition the snow-topped tops around it. The unmistakable, high-altitude pool of Rara mirrors the snow-topped Himalayas which is ringed with pine, spruce, and juniper timberland.

More than 500 various types of blooms and herbs including Rhododendrons, Black Juniper, Oak, West Himalayan Spruce, and Himalayan Cypress are found in this stop. It is home to 20 distinct types of warm-blooded animals and 214 types of birds.

Amid winters you will have the capacity to witness the transient winged animals from different areas around the globe and amid summers the Himalayan blossoms encompass the lake making a lively scene.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Arrival at Kathmandu ( TIA)
  • Day 2Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Day 3Flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu (150m/490 ft): 1 hour
  • Day 4Fly from Nepalgunj to Jumla (2,540m/8,334ft): 20 minutes
  • Day 5Trek to Chere Chaur from Jumla (3055m/10,023ft)
  • Day 6Trek Chere Chaur to Chalachaur (2980m/9,777ft)
  • Day 7Trek Chalachaur to Sinja Valley (2490m/ft)
  • Day 8Trek Sinja to Ghorosingha (3050m/10007ft)
  • Day 9Trek Ghorosingha to Rara Lake (3010m/9876ft)
  • Day 10Explore Rara Lake
  • Day 11Trek Rara Lake to Pina (2440m/ 8006ft)
  • Day 12Trek Pina to Bumra (2850m/9351ft)
  • Day 13Trek ends: Bumra to Jumla (2540m/8334ft)
  • Day 14Fly to Nepalgunj, fly to Kathmandu
  • Day 15Final departure
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