Nepal, though occupying small territory, has multicultural, multilingual, and ethnic diversity where native people have religious-minded and spiritual oriented since time immemorial. There are thousands of pious places where ancient yogis practiced their sadhana for the attainment of wisdom. That is the reason Nepal is considered as the country of god and goddess with various Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites, shrines, and temples.

Yoga and Meditation are practices for having sound well-being and make people expanding the horizon of their awareness level which makes them able to understand oneself and to attain happiness, balance, and relaxation in their lives.

Some historical facts about yoga and meditation of Nepal

Vyas Rishi, further developed Eastern philosophy by writing The Puranas, was born and meditated in the caves of the Himalayas and achieved the highest level of wisdom.

Lumbini of Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha who spread world peace after getting wisdom through meditation.

Guru Gorakhnath, a great Vaishawik practitioner/preacher and the modern exponent of Hatha, Tantra, Mantra traditions; was born and lived in Nepal. His followers are called yogis.

With the reference to the historical facts, Yoga trek in Nepal is one of the best things which not only provide your journey adventurously but also take one to feel the yogic energy created by ancient yogis and sages in various parts of Nepal such as Himalayas, caves, pristine forest, pilgrimages, mountains, hills and so forth.

Ganga Jamuna Adventure trek attempts to organize people to experience breath-taking scenery as well as to integrate yoga and trekking in order to get unique and unforgettable memories with skilled trekking guides and passionate yoga teachers. A trekking schedule, healthy food, pranayama (breathing exercises), and some yoga asanas to ease and relax your body and mind are provided.

Meditation on the sound of a flowing river or engagement in a mountain gazing meditation will take place by appreciating the enchanting scenery of various parts of Nepal. Yoga Nidra is practiced every afternoon which rejuvenates deeply and connects with your day’s memory for inner balance and harmony in the natural setting of Nepal.