Nepal, a tiny mountain nation, sandwiched between two giant nations of China and India, is a small world in itself. Mountain Adventures is the most popular activity a tourist can enjoy, but the ancient history, the cultures, and traditions of this small nation can get one amazed. Nepal is home to the tallest of peaks, various species of floras and faunas, some of which are rare and extinct, the magnificent ancient architecture of the Nepali people, temples and shrines, and many more. Nepal can easily be referred to as a 'Travel Heaven'. 

Nepal, Experience of a Lifetime, is indeed true. Come join us at this amazing nation full of nature's beauty and warmth of the Nepali people and create memories cherishable for a lifetime. The Team at Ganga Jamuna Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd. are always keen on helping you tailor packages as per your time frame and interest, may it be the Himalayas, the cultures, or all that this beautiful country has to offer!