Why travel with us?

KAI Expeditions rescues the emotion of the epic marine adventures of the past, bringing back to life the magic of sitting around a map to plan and dream of new horizons of knowledge while turning adventure into a unique and exciting experience.


KAI Expeditions resurrects the spirit of the epic marine adventures of the past, bringing back to life the magic of sail, the excitement of the sea, and the thrill of gaining new knowledge.  Joining a KAI expedition is an adventurous, unique and exciting experience.

Among the opportunities offered by other operators, KAI Expeditions opens up to public participation with the dual aim of funding research and conservation programs and sharing our passion for life and exploration.

Our expeditions are unique and authentic

All our expeditions have clear and specific objectives, which fit into KAI's global goal of studying and conserving the ocean's natural and cultural treasures.

Personal contact

KAI staff and each of our expedition members are an important part of a unique Marine Expeditions team. Establishing personal relationships is crucial for us from the planning phase to the development of each expedition. At KAI, we address the expectations of and concerns of every team member to ensure that we can all work together as a team at sea and the particular situation of each expedition.


Our team has over 20 years of experience in field work, especially in the development of applied research programs that depend on public participation and volunteering.

Appreciating life

KAI will offer you a unique opportunity to explore the Mediterranean Sea while sailing and navigating in wavy waters, anchoring in quiet coves at night under a million stars firmament, snorkelling and diving in the clear waters, exploring coastal villages, and sampling the local food and wine. Your experience will be enriched by pairing your vacation with the important work of protecting our environment. This will give you an authentic sensation, stepping out of our concrete, rushed world in order to observe and enjoy life from another angle, focusing on the simplicity and beauty of what the natural world has to offer us.

Sustainable travel

We believe in the importance of being as consistent and efficient as possible with regards to sustainability, reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible and also respecting local cultures where we work.


Safety at KAI is simply a key factor taken into account from the very first phase of our Marine Expeditions planning. Aboard our vessels every expedition member will be trained to manage the routine tasks of sailing and research activities. Each team member will also be insured against any potential casualty.